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Hi, my name is Yun.
I moved to the United States when I was 8, on April 1st, 1991.
I am originally from Wenzhou China, but grew up in Queens/Long Island.
I am married to the awesomest woman in the world. (We both love Action/Martial Art Movies and Video Games!!!) Her name is Annie and her favorite game is DESTINY (PS4).
My favorite game is Need For Speed.
I like silver cars. I drove a 2008 Mini Cooper S, silver of course! *it was traded in for a Silver SUV in July, 2012 due to Mia Yang….*
My favorite kind of ice cream is green tea.
I will drive very far out of my way for Dunkin’ Donuts coffee. *think Harold & Kumar far* (Large, Coconut, with cream and 2 sugars, please.)
I have a Lhasa Apso-Shih Tzu named Clyde. He has an under bite and looks a bit like a crocodile.
My favorite movie is Forrest Gump and favorite music is acoustic rock and Soul.
I’m usually watching NBA on TNT on Thursdays from Nov to May in the evening.
Tim Duncan is my favorite player.
House of Cards, Bloodline, and The Blacklist are my new favorite shows on TV.
My highest bowling score was 276.

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