Location: Las Vegas Downtown and Red Rock, Nevada

When I have more time, i’ll put captions under the pictures because the story behind all the photos will make the photos THAT much better !

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7 Responses to “Michelle and Michael – lasVegasSTYLE !”

  1. Judy Wong says:

    OMG! You guys have an extremely hard job to choose just 3 shots! All of them are awesome! Great choice in photographer Michelle and Mikey!!!

  2. Margie Mapili-Wiseman says:

    I agree w/ Judy! WOW! You as a couple scream “LOVE”! Congratulations, Michelle! Mikey is a very lucky guy. Best wishes to you both. ~Margie

  3. Mike says:

    Hi Yun! We love the pictures. We’ve been showing them off to everyone! Thanks for the Dunkin’ Donuts coffee – I’m a lucky guy to have Michelle and we’re a lucky couple to have you do our Lifestyle shoot. Thanks again!

  4. Various friends & family of the couple says:

    The pictures are beautiful.- Charlene Manalo
    Those were some great shots. my favorite is the one your guys legs! may not be a typical "engagement" photo but it is really quite cute! gotta love red shoes =) -Trixie Castillo

    Best pictures are black and white photo of just faces; michelle is looking down and mikey is giving a kiss on the cheek; legs picture; black and white dancing picture on the streets of vegas

    btw, chelle…nice tattoo….wow! did you get more??? – Rowena Castillo

    Beautiful pictures ! Real posing and very romantic. Very hard to choose. – Vida Castillo

    Judy just forward the pix of you guys to me. Thank you for sharing. These pix are lovely.
    Can't wait to share your special day. -Jimmy & Kim Nyugen

  5. Michelle Garcia says:

    Hi Yun! I finally get the chance to thank you for the wonderful pictures. Your skillful composition, eye, & manipulation of color and effects made us look amazing. We had a blast on that photoshoot. We appreciated your unobstrusive way of shooting us. You were able to capture us in our natural ways of being, albeit we were just a little more dolled up then usual. Thanks again for the awesome visual memories.

  6. Baye Sagara says:

    The pictures are GREAT – so fun and so artistic. they turned out really well and they capture you as a couple perfectly.

  7. Raynard says:

    judging by these excellent photos, i wish i had what you guys have. =)
    best of luck to both of you! you both are a lovely couple.


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