Irvington, NY

Ceremony: Halsey pond
Reception: Union restaurant EXCELLENT FOOD !

I’ve said it before and i’m gonna say it again. I LOVE SMALL INTIMATE WEDDINGS !

This was shot in their backyard !

Their slideshow is at

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6 Responses to “Ally and Kristian Wedding | 10.04.2008”

  1. natalie n says:

    yun is that by any chance the women’s monument off the pallisades parkway? it looks very familiar and actually wanted to take some pix there before our reception!!

    the photo looks like it came out of a storybook.

    gorgeousss as always!!

  2. Yun says:

    thanks natalie !

    much appreciated for leaving comments !

    everything was taken around their house so i don’t think it’s the women’s monument.

  3. ad:hoc says:

    I love the second photo, showing the blend between nature and… well wedding =D Not sure how to put it in words.

  4. natalie n says:

    :) i can't believe that is her house — sooo pretty!!

    the bride is so elegant and you really captured the intimacy of the event & raw beauty of their surroundings. what a lovely couple! dreamy pics!!

  5. Raynard says:

    One of the best weddings I have seen through your photos. You could definitely tell that they were made for each other. I wish them the best of luck! =)

  6. Raynard says:

    It has become my ambition to one day be as happy as you both. =)

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