I have to say hands down ! That I had the most fun ever at Alena and Chris’s wedding. We partied until 2:30am ! Here is a quick tease.

We made the best out of this weather.

This is ME dancing for the first time at a wedding ! (Taken by an awesome random guest at the wedding)

Now these three pictures below are probably my favorite reception series shots ever. I apologize that it’s just a tad blurry, i was laughing my ass off at the same time ! Man these Buffalo Weddings are seriously the best EVERRRRR. Andalyn, Amy, Alena ! I CAN NOT thank you guys enough for having be part of your celebrations. *btw i just realized ya’ll names start with “A’s” haha , We should’ve did a Charles Angels shot.

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2 Responses to “Alena and Chris Wedding”

  1. itchywings.com says:

    wedding photographer dominating the dance floor… priceless! shake it Yun HAHA!

  2. Erika says:

    Do you remeber the venue for the ceremony and the reception? I’m dying to know because I’m planning my wedding (in Buffalo) and looking for locations.



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