Thanks to for sending me down to southbeach. Met so many great people and had a blast doing something i love and getting paid to do it ! awesome ! haha

wanted to try something different with southbeach, not exactly a promotion shot but i realy like these two shots. i messed up on the second one, wish i could’ve taken it over again.

i got anna and shaun’s wedding coming up this saturday and i’m ready to battle the rain. we are going to create some awesome pictures period !

after their wedding, i will be in nyc for a week then head up to rochester for a week then come back down for stephanie and jeff’s wedding where i am shooting it with an awesome awesome photog from maine !

i have some time in april so all my albums should be in by then, most of the designs will be done if you guys can give me the files this week !

i got couple more collages in my studio, swing by and take a look !

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  1. Stak says:

    let’s see those collages!!!

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