Meet susan and chuck, the first couple i ever shot during an appointment (i just happen to have my camera with me and took a quick snapshot while talking to chuck about cameras stuffs). What a great looking couple, i can’t wait until our lifestyle session in may. Even thought we never met before and only spoke over the phone once, from the moment we sat down and started conversing for 3 mins, i just knew that we were going to have a great appointment. They truly made things so much easier, i never felt for a second that i was at an appointment, felt like i was catching up with old friends. I have to apologize for eating like a wolf, i was just extremely HUNGRY ! unfortunately, i was already booked for their wedding date when they contacted. But i know for sure that whoever gets to be their wedding photographer is very lucky !

oh yeah, this is me…..ehhhh………thanks chuck for making me realize i have to go on my diet again….. ;|

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