I get this question at least twice at every wedding, “why you choose to go with the canon XTi (400D) over the canon 30D?”

here is a good comparison list for all you camera enthusiasts.

EOS 30D Advantages:

5 fps burst
Spot Metering
Viewfinder is better
Interface is better (Joystick + 2 Dials)
Longer Battery Life
Slightly less noise at high ISO = slightly better prints at high ISO

EOS 400D Advantages:

Slightly more megapixels = slightly better for large prints, except at high ISO
Next-Gen LCD is bright enough for use under direct sunlight (unlike 30D)
Dust Reduction doesn’t eliminate the need for manual cleaning, but does reduce its frequency
The $350 price difference between 30D & 400D could be spent to upgrade lenses

Other +/- Differences:

30D body is sturdier, heavier — if you prefer that.
400D body is lighter, more compact — if you prefer that.
30D status settings split on 2 screens, 400D dumps everything in one screen.

Fake Advantages of the EOS 30D:

Fake ISO 3200 (it’s just software emulation…)
Fake 1/3 steps ISO sensitivity (again, it’s just software emulation…)

Those are the differences, and it’s up to you to decide which camera fits your needs better.

The 400D size fitted me much better therefore leading to better composed pictures.

I believe the lens matters more than the camera and i only buy top of the line lens.

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