2006: Words can’t express the kind of year i had: I definitely exceeded my own expectation for myself.

Aside from all the work that i accomplished for my business, i had the opportunity to schedule 2 month for myself to traveled to 6 cities in asia, AND i learned a new language; so technically, i can now speak 5 different languages; Nah, who am i kidding, i only learned enough so that i could roam around the city by myself but sooooooooon i will master 5 language.

here are the cities of 2006:

Koh Samui
The Most Expensive City in the World – I’m sure you can guess it ! think of the world’s oldest kitty.


here are my places for 2007 travel if i’m lucky!

West Coast

Anyone getting married in those areas? Incredible discount! Especially MALDIVE !

Europe and Russia can wait 5 more years
Africa can wait 10 more years
South America can wait 15 more years

How can i forget Antarctica, I would love to go but i just can’t see myself traveling there within 15 years.

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